№ 17 (2014)

MYSTERY LITERARY TEXT ( the problem poetics of literary text )

Materials scientific journals devoted to the problems of the reception and interpretation of Paul Zagrebelniy in connection with the 90th anniversary of the birth of the writer ( and section) and actual problems poetics of literary text classic and modern Ukrainian literature (second section).
Intended for researchers, teachers and students of philology , teachers -language and literature .



METATYP ROKSOLANA REMEMBERED AS CULTURE : DECODE IMAGE (based on the historical novel in verse M. Balashova «Vinok Rocsolany» PDF PDF (English)
V.P. Bilyatska 6-17
Pavlo Zahrebelny In the diary reception Oles Gonchar PDF (English)
O.A. Galych 17-24
Pragmatics , contextual antonyms In the novel "Bezslidniy Lucas" by Zahrebelny PDF (English)
N.S. Golikova 24-32
Metaphor scrap as a model world deformed in the novel " Bruht " by Zahrebelny PDF (English)
K.O. Kornilova 32-40
Roman P. Zahrebelny " Eupraxia " and "Bojestvenniy Uliy" by Bohenskiy in postmodern prospects PDF (English)
I.V. Kropyvko 40-49
Roman by P. Zahrebelny " Julia, or invitation to suicide " at the crossroads of genre and style trends. PDF (English)
V.P. Marko 49-54
The discussion on "The Evolution of ethno-psychological concept of personality in prose P. Zahrebelny " From N. Sanakoev PDF (English)
I.Z. Pavlyuk 54-60
GENDER COMPONENT OF NOVEL G. Pagutyak «Gothic of Urizh» PDF (English)
M.O. Burdastyh 60-66
Expressions of the author's consciousness in contemporary theater Publicism Ukraine PDF (English)
V.L. Galatska 66-73
«…Vs`ogo 700 pravok» (last edit copyright by «Sobor») PDF (English)
N.I. Zavertaluk 73-84
The genius of fate in human life that causes a universal truth UNDERSTANDING IN THE CONTEXT collection Mykhailo Orest «Gist` & Gospoda» PDF (English)
I.B. Kyryanchuk 84-94
Observations on Modification image Mal`va Cojusna in the novel V. Zemlyak «Lebedyna zgraya» and the film "Babylon -XX " I. Mykolaychuk PDF (English)
N.V. Kryvoruchko, N.P. Oliynik 94-102
Motive of death Marina Lewycka in the novel " A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian " PDF (English)
U.O. Lapteeva 102-109
In the poetry of epigraph Mykhaylo Orest PDF (English)
I.V. Pasko 109-116
TO questions About KAZKOTVORCHIST` Nechui Levitsky PDF (English)
V.F. Podlesna 116-125
Image of the sun as a symbol of the deity in VSEVYDYUSCHOHO of Borys Kharchuk PDF (English)
S.V. Polyakova 125-130
Image archetype in poetry collection of games PAVLYUK "MAGMA" PDF (English)
U.V. Savenko, N.P. Oliynik 130-137
Motif of loneliness IN THE POETRY by S.YOVENKO PDF (English)
I.V. Smagliy 137-144
Image of the father and model the relationships in the poetry of Taras Shevchenko PDF (English)
O.O. Cherkas, O.V. Shaf 144-149
Taras Shevchenko's poetry as version FORMATION OF NATIONAL masculine PDF (English)
O.V. Shaf 149-157
Metaphorical interpretation of reality in the novel Kostenko "Notes UKRAINIAN Lunatic " PDF (English)
K.I. Shahova 157-166

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