Metaphorical interpretation of reality in the novel Kostenko "Notes UKRAINIAN Lunatic "

K.I. Shahova


Literary critics rightfully define that one of the most characteristic features of individual author's style of poetry by Lina Kostenko is the rich metaphor. With the publishing writer’s first prose novel named “Notes of Ukrainian samashedshy” rising up the question of study functional and contextual specificity of metaphorical expressions in this work. The using of metaphor in prose aims to reflect the essence of the conflict. Also the metaphor in prose work is one of the main tools for creating expressivity, promotes the emergence of daring authorial associations that enhance the informative part of a literary text.

The feature of the metaphors from the L. Kostenko’s novel “Notes of Ukrainian samashedshy” is a powerful emotional and axiological potential, which is used to enhance the intellectual activity of recipient, impulse to think about actual problems of present. The novel is written by 35-years-old Kiev programmer, who deeply and painfully perceives all the flaws and tragedies of our time. He is covered a huge wave of information in a chaotic influx of which an ordinary man is lost. As a result, the person suffers from total alienation of relatives and friends, growing into estrangement from the world.

Well-aimed, expressive metaphor is a dominant of expression the protagonist’s worldview, a marker of his state of mind, a reaction to the events, that taking place in his personal life as well as in the world. According to that, the semantic core of many metaphors contains the concept of “information”, which is set around the series of associations determining by reaction of narrator’s consciousness for the influx of information flow. Using the concept of “absurd” in metaphorical expressions signals the loss of hope by narrator, deepening psychological crisis, that is came up as a result of frustration at the absurdity of human existence.

Also metaphor plays an important role in the narrator’s characteristic of Ukrainian society and the worldwide community. The thoughts of the protagonist are focused on the critical detection of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental problems. In the metaphorical expression dominated a few major concepts: “Ukrainian society”, “humanity”, “history”, “politics” and so on.

Therefore, the meaningful of the metaphors from the L. Kostenko’s novel “Notes of Ukrainian samashedshy” is characterized by a deep understanding of basic sensory aspects of the human existence. Functional specificity of metaphors in this prose work is in expressive reflection of the problems of the writing, and also in the internal conflict of the main character with the contemporary reality. The value of the metaphor detected into ideological, thematic and problem levels. In addition to that, the metaphor of the L. Kostenko’s novel “Notes of Ukrainian samashedshy” ensures the integrality and uniqueness of the poetics of the work.

Keywords: novel, notes, metaphor, narrator.

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