Motif of loneliness IN THE POETRY by S.YOVENKO

I.V. Smagliy


In the article discusses the character of poetic expression of loneliness posture by S.Yovenko`s heroine. Loneliness posture was allocated as a creative solitude, loneliness of the common man and estrangement. Heroine`s existential experience of her life was analyzed. Was revealed, that psychological conflict of S. Yovenko’s lyric heroine is a state of balance between, that is associate with frustration processes in her mind. Was revealed, that experience loneliness by heroine as loss of a particular person receives more emotional content, than just separation from people.

The feeling of loneliness is distinct by space-time coordinates. With images of nature, buildings, individual parts amplifies heroine’s minor tonality. There are year cycles autumn, winter, day-night. Loneliness by S.Yovenko`s heroine sometimes singled out by image-symbol: bird, kitten, eternity. State of loneliness is the cause of lyric heroine split consciousness, as shown in poetry. Image of loneliness in poetry acquire the new shades through semantic shift from descriptive meditative with the mandatory elements of society to the philosophy, that was dued by lyric “I” experiences, and lyric heroine perception the world as the “theatre of the absurd”.  The lyric “I” priorities can be attributed to the time of writing these poems: end of XX - beginning of XXI century, characterized by the crisis of social and personal values and loneliness increase.

Key words: image, motive, style, loneliness, existential

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