Image archetype in poetry collection of games PAVLYUK "MAGMA"

U.V. Savenko

N.P. Oliynik


The article deals with the history of development of image-archetype. The state of scientific study of the issue was outlined. The difference between archetype in terms of psychology and literary archetype as a term has been defined on the basis of reviewed papers. The poetical archetypes were outlined as basis of national in literature. Archetypes in poetry discussed as certain images, symbols, that arised under the socio-historical, spiritual and cultural processes of each era and transmitted to the next generation. The national image-archetypes, that explained the national understanding of the world, were considered in the poetry of I. Pavlyuk. The national archetypes in the poetry of I. Pavlyuk were divided into images: paradise, death, time, earth, house, given characteristics used images. The functioning of the image-archetypes as an integrated system was investigated. The features of using image-archetypes in the poetry of I. Pavlyuk were specified. Their specificity determined by the characteristics worldview and attitude of the modern human. The image-archetypes analyzed through the internal states of the lyrical hero in the poetry of I. Pavlyuk. Problem functioning archetype in the literary text the author may be a promising area for further research. Short review of his art was submitted. The poetics of the name and the composition of the collected volume were revealed.

Key words: archetype, image, symbol, national, poetics of the name.

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