Image of the sun as a symbol of the deity in VSEVYDYUSCHOHO of Borys Kharchuk

S.V. Polyakova


The article based on the novel of B. Harchyka  «Volyn», «Maydan», «Krevnyaky» , «Hleb nasysnyi» open the specific artstic expression on the image-symbol of the sun , philosophical and psychological aspects. The fabulous aspect of the World, represented in novels of the writer, is built up on the “sky – earth –subjective images and perceptions. The top piece of the world is presented by the

sky and stars images. In works of the Master of the word, in the center of the sky,  underground kingdom” triune principle. The picture of the World in Kharchuk novels is implemented through heroes` views and formed from an extent of their as a whole universe, the personified image of the Sun is situated, which is appeared as an eye of the World, the symbol of all-seeing God in the fancy of the characters. In Kharchuk epic prose, the Sun image symbolizes Yang, whilst the Earth symbolizes Yin. It is no coincidence the central characters, thinking about the relationships in families, compare a man and a woman  marriage with the sky and the earth marriage .

    In Kharchuk novels the personification of the Sun as a man is connected with the ancient beliefs of Slavs in living nature of the Sun, its similarity to human one, creation of the world after unification of light and water. That means the light goes the life circle as if it leaves the water then dives into it, and goes up to the sky to give the earth and its people the Light.

     Symbols of stars and the Moon, which were imagined as the sky and the earth children and gave the light of the sky and fertile power of the earth are appeared in narrative novels by Kharchuk, conceptually connected with images of the Sun and the Sky.

          Key words: subject, problem, understanding, manner-simbol, mythological system, artistic expression, folklore plot.

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