TO questions About KAZKOTVORCHIST` Nechui Levitsky

V.F. Podlesna


The article examines tales I. Nechuy-Levitsky "the Cossacks", "Offended and description" (Hindu Legend), "Two brothers", which have the artistic reflection of the culture, customs and life of the Ukrainian people throughout its history. Explained the influence of these works on the further development of Ukrainian children's literature in General. Carried out a review of studies of creativity I. Nechuy-Levitsky in the field of children's literature Ukrainian literary critics and teachers  (B. Vlasenko, T. Gundorovа, I. Babenko, V. Meleshko, I. Prykhodko and others). Studied the works considered in terms of their genre and education genre modifications Ukrainian literary tales: "the Cossacks" - historical Patriotic tale, "Offended and description" - cosmological tale, Two brothers - social-life tale with a strong folkloric basis. Studied the history of the creation and printing of tales "the Cossacks". Considered cosmological images in the tale "Offended and description", namely the Sun, Moon, Lightning and Ivan Thunderer. On the material of tales "Offended and description" studied the ancient pagan beliefs of Ukrainians, in particular the worship of the sun; on the copyright material of fairy tales, which focused on cultural enrichment and spiritual potential reader, clarified the Ukrainian historical and social realities.
       Key words: genre, folklore, legend, literary fairy tale, Kazkommerts, historical, Patriotic tale, the cosmological tale, socio-life tale.

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