Motive of death Marina Lewycka in the novel " A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian "

U.O. Lapteeva


The article highlights the specificity of the artistic embodiment of the motif of death, death symbolic content of the image, their functionality and conceptual development of novel motif in Marina Levytska «A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian». There is an analysis of the essence of the opposition «life – death», which is revealed both on the figurative and the plot level. The history of the family of Majewski is representation of the death of the whole epoch and a system of values associated with it.

As follows there is a determination of difference between traditional and modern identities defined by modern Ukrainian historian J. Grytsak that are implemented in the image of the main character of the novel. These types of identity are the variation of the opposition «life – death».

In this work there is determined motif of constant renewal of life, as opposed to death, and his eternal cyclicicty. Thus, the novel confirms the idea of the victory of life and its eternal duration.

Key words: artistic detail, symbolical image, motive of death, artistic opposition, the death of culture.

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