Observations on Modification image Mal`va Cojusna in the novel V. Zemlyak «Lebedyna zgraya» and the film "Babylon -XX " I. Mykolaychuk

N.V. Kryvoruchko

N.P. Oliynik


In the article on the material of the novel «The Swan Flock» Vasyl Zemliak’s a figure of the author was outlined, the list of his publications was adduced, characteristic the  most famous of them was presented. The reasons and conditions that influenced on  peculiarity of formation the author’s outlook were designated and specialties of his   literature creative also were designated. The friendship aspect with Ivan Mykolaychuk director was elucidated and the list of crucial sights of researchers about film’s    adaptation was illuminated. On the basis of the novel’s analyze «The Swan Flock»  Vasyl Zemliak and of the film’s analyze «Babylon-XX» Ivan Mykolaychuk, that was adapted on that’s motifs, the tentative of comparing  Malva Cojusna character was   made. At the inference the differences in depicting process of character on the novel and in the film that based on the list of peculiarities also in character of valiant, on worthy’s language, on her appearance, on relationships with surrounding also with men. The  problem of modification  of  Malva Cojusna character  on the novel Vasyl Zemliak’s «The Swan Flock» and in the film «Babylon-XX» Ivan Mykolaychuk’s was ascertained in this article.        

Key words: writer, literature process, style, researchers, friend, novel, adaptation, theme, problem, film, person, appearance, characteristic, philosopher, peculiarities,  beauty,  society, art, comparison, personage, the heart’s call, strangeness, modification, the right for life, individuality.

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