The genius of fate in human life that causes a universal truth UNDERSTANDING IN THE CONTEXT collection Mykhailo Orest «Gist` & Gospoda»

I.B. Kyryanchuk


The article deals with Mykhaylo Orest’s attitude to a human soul that appears to be an area on which the good and the evil confront each other. He thinks of time and space encountering the fragments of reminiscences of the native land. He is sad. However unintentionally omitting eternally uncured sadness about Ukraine the poet transfers himself to some sober philosophical comprehension both of a human’s soul and a human’s existence nature that have distinct relationships in the process of historical development. The thoughts that consolidate a human being become crucial in the context of Mykhaylo Orest’s philosophy. Mykhaylo Orest in his poetical comprehension of the human destiny wants to point the way to the truth for humanity and code this knowledge in the image of the kindness. But the feeling of sadness caused by the sinfulness of the people that prevent the rising to the holiness prevails in his representation. The sin in the poet’s interpretation is the wanting of the material goods - the glory, the wealth and the richness. The spiritual, invisible sides of life have marginal status. Mykhaylo Orest pepicts the human as an object of good and evil whose destiny is always determined by his own choice.

Key words: lyrical hero, old age, existential comprehension, thought, destiny, author, truth, world, supernatural objects, law, verity, timeframes, native land, soul, creative imagination, the good, the evil, history, sin, sanctity.

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