«…Vs`ogo 700 pravok» (last edit copyright by «Sobor»)

N.I. Zavertaluk


The article deals with the forms of transformation of the text title image of the castle in the "final" edition of Oles Honchar's novel "The Castle". The characteristics of functionality and conceptuality of the author's changes of the castle depiction in the "final" edition of the text (new details, images, characters' replicas, situational and speaking inserts, felling and moody concepts) made to express the "true spirit" of the novel are investigated on the base of the results of the comparison of the edited variants of "The Castle"(1988, 1990) with its original format. The importance of the correlation of the image constructs of the castle and the human spiritual world, emotional and sense potential of the oppositions the castle – the authority, spirituality – spiritlessness is noticed. It is researches that the character of the "final editing" depends on the author's intention to release the sense of the castle image hidden in the subtext of the first edition of "The Castle" (1968) and to confirm the accuracy of the reception of the text by the progressive critics of the XX century 60th. 

Keywords: transformation of text, "final editing", title image, the castle, symbol, sacralization, detail, situation, memory of the culture, oppositions the castle – the authority, spirituality – spiritlessness is noticed.

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