The discussion on "The Evolution of ethno-psychological concept of personality in prose P. Zahrebelny " From N. Sanakoev

I.Z. Pavlyuk


The article deals with the discussions about scientific work by Natalia Sanakoeva devoted to the creativity of writer Pavlo Zagrebelniy, particulary to the psychology of relations between the personality and ethnic in history. The ethno-psychology, the mentality, the erotism in the Pavlo Zagrebelniy’s prose are investigated according to its philosophical, psychological, ideological specificity. The object of the discussion in the article is feministic and gender discourses in the Pavlj Zagrebelniy’s prose, it is analyzed in the Natalia Sanakoeva’s investigation, which are realization, for example, in the typology of the famine’s (“woman-eternity”, “woman-mother”, “woman-politic”, “business-woman”) and masculine’s (“man as lieder of the country”) types. The transformation of the famine’s and masculine’s archetypes as components of the ethno-psychological concept of the personality can be interpreted as evolution / revolution / degradation. The actualization of the ethno-psychological content of the hero’s character in the Pavlo Zagrebelniy’s prose determines the opposition “persona ‑ personality”, when the personality can only pretend on the realization in the national aspect. The ethno-psychological concept of the personality is defined with the help of the psychoanalytic methodology in particular classic, analytic, humanistic psychoanalysis.

Key words: ethno-psychological concept of the personality, the mentality, the national character, psychoanalysis discourses, feministic and gender discourses.

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