Metaphor scrap as a model world deformed in the novel " Bruht " by Zahrebelny

K.O. Kornilova


The paper considers the forms of artistic development of the theme of catastrophism through the concepts of ruins, state plundering, moral degradation of man and society. At the epicenter of the topic disclosure the author presents in artistic text of the novel the image of scrap, which is the main characteristic of the world, in which a modern man lives. This image is ambivalent: it is the definition of both secondary raw materials ("ferrous metals", "special steels", "special metals", "special alloys"), and the image-symbol of the world model, the structure of which is dominated by the images of the remnants of Ukrainian enterprises of the Soviet period, which are plundered and exported abroad by so-called "new Ukrainians" to enrich themselves, and of the man who has lost life guidelines. The attention is focused on other images-symbols that are also extrapolated to the image of scrap and are the embodiment of the idea of the former Soviet Union collapse and the destruction of the country on the path to its restructuring. For example, in the characteristic of characters the author often uses a definition of "nothing", which is identical to the concepts of emptiness, isolation from life. The existential theme of "poverty" in the Ukrainian continental literature for the first time was so acutely artistically and publicistically deployed by P. Zagrebelniy  in the novel "Scrap".

Key words: scrap, symbol, image, destruction, degradation, absurdity, world.


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