Pragmatics , contextual antonyms In the novel "Bezslidniy Lucas" by Zahrebelny

N.S. Golikova


The article deals with the communicative and pragmatic features of contextually-author’s antonyms, well-presented in the novel «The traceless Lucas» by P. Zahrebelny. We consider the textual specificity of antonymous pairs of different structures and semantics in relation to the concept of discourse that involves the occurrence of a number of pragmatic meanings in the perception of oppositions, their individual readers’ assessment. The classification of occasional antonyms is analyzed on the basic of structural features of contextual semantics, perceptual impression and functional filling. The author’s oppositions are objectively divided into lexical and syntactic (structural level), linguistic and semantic, speech and semantic (semantic level), oxymorons and enantiomers semanty (structural and semantic level). In addition, the semantic- and functional-pragmatic antonyms are devided into the following types: contextual, connotative, self-pragmatic, social, etiquette , comic. The attempt to identify typical pragmatic features with relying on lingual-pragmatics and the individual perception of contextual antonyms is shown. Some pragmatic meanings of antonyms in connection with their semantics and contextual filling are commented. Also the difference between the concepts of «contextual semantics» and «pragmatic meaning» is analyzed. The prospects for further lingual-pragmatic study of contextual antonyms towards an implification of  their general aspectology in the Ukrainian language and in the fiction discourse of  P. Zahrebelny are outlined.

Key words: antonymy, antonyms, contextual antonyms, lingual-pragmatics, pragmatic meaning, discourse.

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