Pavlo Zahrebelny In the diary reception Oles Gonchar

O.A. Galych


The diaries of Oles Honchar are typical cardiogram of the epoch of hardness after war years during Stalin reign, short Khrushchov’s reing of warming. Notes in the diaries represent misunderstanding of Ukrainian author with Pavlo Zagrebelniy. They spent their childhood and years of youth mostly near each other in Poltavskiy region, they both took part in the war, also both were caught, after war they both lived in Dnepropetrovsk and later they both became prominent writers who headed the Community of writers. The diaries of Oles Honchar represent his views of Pavlo Zagrebelniy and allow to know more about worldviews and esthetic perspectives of the classical Ukrainian writer of the second part of the XX century.

The views of Oles Honchar represent the specification of the diary. They show subjective and retrospective, documentary.  They have two time spheres, the absence of one time sphere, conceptual part.

Several notes in the diaries of Oles Honchar are devoted to the analysis of the books he read particularly Pavlo Zagrebelny one’s. Oles Honchar  tries to investigate them carefully. He noticed two best to his mind Ukrainian novels of the year – “The Green Mills”by V. Zemlyak and “The Racing” by P. Zagrebelny. Evaluating the novel “I, Boghdan…” Oles Honchar takes notice to its solid source bast/ In the same time he doesn’t like the tendencial Zagrebelny’s view of the figure of Ukrainian hetman.

Key words: memoirs, diary, combines, reception.

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