METATYP ROKSOLANA REMEMBERED AS CULTURE : DECODE IMAGE (based on the historical novel in verse M. Balashova «Vinok Rocsolany»

V.P. Bilyatska


The image of Roksolana in the historical novel in verse “Roksolana’s Wreath” (2008) by Mariya Balashova is investigated in this article as a cultural sign, metatyp of memory of culture (the material for metatyp can be a personality in history, culture, science or art image oriented on philosophy generalization) in the context of national interpretative canon, transformation and originality of its artistic expression. The Roksolana’s image in Ukrainian literature is an active traditional structure, it “lives” for the centuries in art and scientific literature, experiencing “significant changes in form and content”, but it is interpreted mostly in prose from 60 years of the XIX century. The investigational work is a new stage of operation of the Roksolana’s image-metatyp in contemporary lyric-epic.

M. Balashova, referring to the Roksolana’s figure, doesn’t intend to illustrate common knowledge, but she puts forward a concept that may interest the reader and stimulates his interest to the historical person, to the identity of the national life of the Ukrainian. The name of the heroine in the title of work has symbolic significance for its ability to function outside of the text; it’s about the Rusynko with unsubdued spirit, great intelligence and world recognition, but she always stays Ukrainian in the soul.

The genre of work, the structure of plot, the poetic of title, the custom and ritual life of the heroine, the role of folk songs as determinant features of Ukrainian spirituality and its influence on the character of the heroine are examined. There is a focus on the Roksolana’s letters to Suleiman, helping to reveal the inner world of the heroine, her psychology.

Keywords: metatyp, memory of culture, novel in verse, title, image, song.

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